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China & Taiwan's Waiting Child Program – Overview

Have you considered parenting a toddler who might have a minor medical need? Or have you thought about what it would be like to parent a child who is entering kindergarten or grade school? For couples whose answer is “YES”, Gladney's China or Taiwan Waiting Child Adoption Programs can be a gift of the love of a mom and a dad, and the commitment of a family.  Gladney recognizes that there are thousands of girls and boys in China and Taiwan who are harder to place than healthy infants and has a strong commitment to helping these children.  Many of the children available to be adopted through one of the Asia Waiting Child programs have a medical need and include babies, toddlers, and older children. Also available for adoption are older (6+ years of age) who are healthy.

During the matching process Gladney works closely with each individual family to find a child that is a good fit for the family. Families who participate in this program must be willing to become educated about a child’s needs, proactively research local medical and support resources, and reflect on how the can best parents a child with a particular medical need. Be sure to visit our Resources for great tools for families adopting through our Waiting Child Program. Be sure to visit our blog for additional resources, stories from families and news about the Asia Waiting Child program. Additionally, Gladney provides support to our families throughout the adoption process and also as the family and children grow through the years.

The adoption process for families adopting from China is formal, centralized, and as compared to other countries, is considered straightforward and smooth. China’s adoption law provides a legal framework for both domestic and intercountry adoption and The China Center for Adoption Affairs governs all adoption matters and determines the eligibility of both adoptee children and the adoptive parents.

Gladney works with two government-licensed child welfare foundations in Taiwan. Gladney's Taiwan program is able to offer adoption opportunities to families desiring to adopt a toddler or school-aged child.


Adoption Criteria:


Each country has specific requirements of prospective adoptive families. For a list of current criteria by adoption program, please click on the country below:



Get Started

International adoption can be a bit confusing and overwhelming in the beginning, but before you know it, you will have a good understanding of the process and considerations that you will actively participate in through the upcoming months. In addition to viewing profiles of children on this site, another great way to get started  is find out more about the Superkids Program.  Superkids is a humanitarian aid effort by the Gladney Center for Adoption.  



Other ways to get started learning basic information:


Contact Judy Hayes via phone or email, 817-312-0878 or to learn more about the China and/or Taiwan Adoption Program or Gladney’s other International Programs.

If you live in the NY Tri-State area, you can attend a live information meeting in Gladney’s New York Office.  At these meetings, our Asia program staff will discuss our adoption programs in China and Taiwan as well as opportunities to adopt waiting children in our other International Adoption programs.

Or you can begin by filling out an information sheet online to request one of Gladney’s free, comprehensive Adoption Information Packets. Make your request online or by calling 1.800.INT.ADOP.



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