Process FAQ

Where do you turn? How long will this take? What are your options? The Gladney Center for Adoption is here to help you. Here are answers to some of the many questions that you are probably asking yourself. If you have a question about Gladney's Waiting Child Adoption Program, ask it here! We'll post the answer to this page.

How long does the application process take?

Generally, families take between 30-60 days to complete the paperwork. If highly motivated, the application paperwork can be completed in less than one week.

What information do we need to provide to Gladney for the application process?

You will need to provide Gladney with copies of your marriage license and/or divorce decree, birth certificates, proof of medical insurance, proof of income, a physician's report on your health, four personal references and background clearances, as well as other related information. You will receive a full list of required documents specific to your adoption program.

What is a home study?

A home study is a three-part process required before a child can be placed with a family for foster care or adoption: (1) Written portion includes autobiographies, references, medical reports, financial statements, child abuse and criminal clearances and other written materials; (2) Social work process includes a series of visits in the applicants' home to discuss a variety of issues from the applicant's background to their motivations to adopt and their understanding of adoption and parenting; (3) Educational process includes training in adoption and parenting issues. The end result of this process is a written document completed by a licensed agency giving a summary of the applicant's family life. This document indicates approval of the applicant for adoption (or foster care). It must be updated annually.

How long will the home study take to be completed?

Depending on where you live and your scheduling constraints, the home study normally can be completed within 60 days of the completion of your paperwork.

How do I find children who are free for adoption?

Visit the "A Child to Love" children's page or the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) website under adoption and look at the TARE (Texas Adoption Resource Exchange) section to see children who are available for adoption. Once you have identified a child that you are interested in, complete the Online Information Sheet.

What will my Gladney caseworker do for me?

Your caseworker will be your liaison with TDFPS or the country your child is living in. The caseworker will also be your advocate during the matching process. For those of you adopting from Gladney’s New Beginnings Adoption Program, she will submit your home study upon request, and may also submit your study at her discretion during case meetings. She will be an accessible resource working on your behalf and will help you to understand the process of adopting through the state. After a child has been placed in your home, your caseworker will be there to provide counseling and support.

Are there any financial concerns that we need to be aware of?

When adopting from the New Beginnings Adoption Program, there are no adoption, although you will be responsible for paying your attorney's fees for finalization. These fees can be reimbursed to you by TDFPS once the adoption is finalized. 

If you chose to adopt from one of our international adoption programs, each program has their own fees.

How do we get started?

To begin, create an account and view the waiting children. Once you find a child you’re interested in being matched with, please complete Gladney’s Online Information Sheet.



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