A Child To Love

Right here in the US, and in the countries we work with, there are children waiting to be adopted. At Gladney we are committed to helping find stable, loving homes for as many of these children as possible. Because to us they are not just children waiting to be adopted, each one is special and unique; each one is A Child to Love.


A Waiting Child refers to a child who is legally available for adoption and is not matched with a forever family. In most cases, the child is under the care of public foster care agencies or an orphanage. Internationally, the child may be considered a waiting child because of various factors that could include developmental delays, mental issues, medical special needs, emotional issues, or because they are part of a sibling group. They are also classified as a waiting child simply because they are older.

In the U.S. the child will have come into the foster care system for a variety of reasons, which could include neglect, abandonment, abuse and/or some other dysfunction within their family environment.


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